After two years of pandemic purchasing , tangible hands-on sampling is gearing-up to enhance the consumer buying experience. 

More than three decades of research confirm that product sampling works best when consumers are changing their buying habits. Over the past two years, consumers have unquestionably and considerably shifted their habits and mindsets. Here, we look at why sampling works, how marketers intend to invest in sampling campaigns, and why brands should consider launching a campaign now.

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When consumers have an opportunity to try a product, they are likely to purchase it — and the majority say they intend to buy it again.

78% of sampled consumers who purchased the product said the opportunity to try it prompted purchase.

58% said they would buy the product again.SAMPLING DRIVES AWARENESS

Consumers weigh in on what drew them to a sampling activation.

65% of consumers who try a sample will purchase it in the same shopping trip.

24% say the sampled product specifically replaced an item they planned to buy.

81% wanted a product sample or giveaway

54% were interested in a discount of special offer
49% wanted to learn about a specific product or service
46% liked the brand or thought the activation looked interesting

A recent survey revealed that marketers intend to return to live in a big way this year.

72% of marketers intend to leverage in-store and/or physical experiences.

Why marketers say sampling is an effective tactic…

Reach consumers during times of enjoyment

Drive innovation

Stay connected to the community

Excite shoppers

Drive brand awareness Encourage purchase and greater reach through experience

Ability for shoppers to connect with product experts


Learn more about consumer sampling in this blog post and contact Inspira Marketing to get started on your sampling campaign today.

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