The COVID-19 crisis has presented a great deal of challenges to citizens across the country and globe. From public health and economic concerns to the isolation as a result of social distancing, there is a lot on everyone’s minds. So, how are Americans coping with these changes? With May representing Mental Health Awareness Month, let’s take a look at how consumers of all different ages are taking care of their bodies and minds during this time.

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Here are three things you need to know about consumers’ health and wellness amid COVID-19:


The Effect on Mental Health

The unfortunate reality of the COVID-19 pandemic is that it has had a negative effect on the mental health of many Americans, with 44% indicating it has either slightly or greatly worsened.

Mental health has:

  • Greatly Worsened 8%
  • Slightly Worsened 36%
  • Not Affected 46%
  • Slightly Improved 8%
  • Greatly Improved 3%


Room for Activities

With all the time stuck at home, 90% of American adults have taken up some kind of activity to look after their mental health.

  • 66% talking to friends/family
  • 43% Cooking
  • 41% Practicing a hobby
  • 30% meditating
  • 24% practicing yoga and pilates
  • 21% decluttering

Did you know? Millennials are turning to cooking more than any generation, with 50% citing it as a top activity during this time.


Changing for the Future

Once the COVID-19 crisis comes to an end, most Americans agree that life will be different. Below, you can see which health behaviors they plan to turn into lasting changes going forward.

  • Disinfect Surfaces More 52%
  • Better Handwashing 46%
  • More Healthy Foods 45%
  • More Exercise 44%
  • More Time Destressing 33%
  • Sleep More 27%
  • Cook More 25%
  • Meditate 22%
  • Watch Exercise Videos 21%
  • Use Fitness Apps 14%